contemporary photography multimode project

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The MULAFOCO PROJECT Museum (PM, from its Spanish name “Proyecto Mulafoco”) globally sponsors the work of photographers and artists who work with photography in all its supports and forms. Artists the world over find in the MULAFOCO PROJECT a place for exhibiting their work. One of the museum’s main objectives is the creation of an archive where the world’s photographic heritage is preserved.

This ─initially virtual─ museum opened in 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay and was created to facilitate collaboration with artists, photographers, communities and cultural/educational institutions in Latin America and throughout the world. Projects and exhibits covering a wide range of contemporary aesthetics and technologies have their place in MF. The museum provides a platform for visual studies that students, educators and researchers will find especially useful. That platform includes contemporary photographic expressions and new global technologies.

Within a framework that integrates the camera and the digital processes the museum seeks to boost photography and new lines of research related to recompilation and the creative analysis. To this end, the museum fosters a wider appreciation of the consequences of the image as an artistic, cultural and political point of reference for the community and the development of today’s world.

Search for new talents is done independently from traditional parameters generally used to validate artwork. Therefore the museum’s exhibitions and events stimulate reflection on contemporary photography and recognition of the work of both the professional and the amateur photographer, whether he or she has received praise from the established critics or not.

The issuance of a yearbook with unique, exceptional pictures will assure the preservation and dissemination of this visual heritage, encouraging education based on observation of what said pictures depicted.